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What Actually is Manifesting? (A No-Fluff Perspective)

From the perspective of a HD manifestor, manifesting demands two things.

(& not the fluffy law of attraction concept of manifesting, but real and experiential manifesting)

Manifesting demands two things:

Intangibles &


Essentially: Seeing the path ahead while keeping your feet on the ground.

While we can call upon our desire, commitment, loyalty, and devotion to a vision….

We can also be resourceful. In the actionable steps towards that vision, we set goals with what resources we have and we hold the vision that calls us.


➡️ goal setting

Consider your creative goals and consider what may be necessary to elevate them or enrich the process in which you work towards them.

If there’s one thing I’ve realized as a manifestor…

It can be said that:

The key to achieving goals is commitment.

The key to commitment is self-discipline.

The key to self-discipline is self love.

The key to strong core powered self-love is self-discovery.

As a soulful, creative manifestor: self-discovery is powerful in the process of manifesting.

I invite you to explore the The Digital Vault for Creatives in their Creative Growth Era so you can tap into the power of self-discovery, goal setting, organization, routine building, confidence claiming and so much more.

*for informational purposes only

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