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How Astrology Led Me Back to Gifts of Creativity & Self-Expression

Updated: Jun 6

On the soulful path, discovering or rediscovering our life's calling, refining our purpose, and creating the abundance that we desire can look like:

setting intentions

developing intuitively

finding intellectual stimulation

practicing sacred rest

being your source of power

trusting in spirit

remembering my why

healing deeply

staying humble

shedding layers of ego

being tapped in intuitively

following the path of self-discovery

embodying personal growth

The start of every success story is rooted in self-discovery. It can be an honest look at both the best and worst parts of ourselves. Self-discovery can become a flowing practice that we return to day to day and moment to moment to stay in alignment with our higher path or calling.

Through many different practices and studies, I personally found astrology as a form of self-discovery, brought up so many deep questions about life that I needed to regularly consider.

Questions like:

“What are my strengths? Seen and unseen?”

“What patterns and tendencies of mine get in my way?” "Where do I start with shadow work?"

“How do I evolve into my best self?”

"What am I meant to offer to the world?" "Am I in alignment with this person, place, or thing?" "Where am I going from here?" "Why do I feel called in that direction?' "What can I learn from this?"

Learning about the powerful energetic signature that is the astrological natal chart can open up areas for consideration that would not have otherwise been considered.

Without learning the basics of my natal chart and leaning into certain modes of self-expression, I likely would not have learned that I am in fact an excellent communicator, writer, speaker, and teacher. (That Mars placement has also helped build confidence!) (Get the Astrology Basics Guide and Dive into the Self-Discovery Practice of Astrology >>)

In understanding the basics of my natal chart, I also discovered:

  • how to best express myself from an authentic, centered place

  • how to embody the artist I knew and dreamed that I could be

  • how to step into my power and not dim my light

Day to day, I practice astrology (among many other things) to stay connected with spirit, hold the vision and learn the valuable lessons on this path as a soulful creative and human.

🌞🌙✨ I created an Astrology Basics Guide (printable, downloadable e-workbook) that can join you on your path of self-discovery, awakening, and intuitive development.

Astrology, one of the many tools for self-discovery, can help you connect with your inner workings, develop your intuition, and honor your unique energetic signature that you bring into this world.

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