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Last reviewed and/or updated on 01/05/2024

The Website (“Granddaughter Creative LLC”, “Granddaughter Creative”, “Website”) and content is owned by Granddaughter Creative LLC (“we”, “our”, “us”).  Please read the Terms & Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”, “Terms”) entirely before using the Website These Terms apply to visitors, users, or customers to website (the “Website”). We reserve the right to update to our Terms at any time without notice.  As a user of this website you are responsible to routinely review the Terms and Conditions. By visiting or using our Website, you have read the Terms and Conditions entirely and agree to be bound by them. 

Our content is directed to individuals above the age of 18 years old.  Your use of this website, voluntarily electing for email communication, and contributing to content and comments, signifies that you are at the minimum age of 18 years old or older.


Copyright Notice

Contained within this website are original creations by the owner and creator of Granddaughter Creative LLC. This includes but is not limited to: web design, graphics, logo, words, information, documents, blog posts, titles, and branding. Content (“Content”) made available on this website is property of Granddaughter Creative LLC and site owner unless stated otherwise. In sharing any free printables, graphics, or opt-in downloads, you understand that full credit must be given to Granddaughter Creative LLC and it is not to be held as your own.  This Content is protected by Federal Copyright Laws and Federal Intellectual Property Laws. Using, misusing, copying, stealing, or distributing any Content is in direct violation of the Terms and Conditions and we reserve the right to prosecute to the full extent of the law. 


If you would like to make a request to use any content or request a guest posting opportunity, please email


Some photographs included are from royalty free stock images at and 


Interactions with Other Users and Posting

By voluntarily interacting with other users on this site they may see your name, avatar image or profile photo, and activity such as liking content, commenting, and following blogs. Posting comments and contributing to the content on this site may be viewed by all users and distributed publicly outside this site perpetuity.  Furthermore, to protect your private information, please do not disclose any personal information within blog comments or connected social media platforms. Should you discover comments or posts by other users of Granddaughter Creative LLC that are offensive, unethical, or unlawful, please immediately notify


Anti-Spam Policy

We will never send out misleading information and never spam you. (We don’t like spam here either).  All users on this site can discontinue or unsubscribe from our email list by clicking on the unsubscribe option within an email or emailing


Comment Policy

Kindness is key.  This space is intended to be open to all to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas.  Please ensure anything that is discussed is done with respect of others.


The information presented on this Website, via Granddaughter Creative LLC subscription via email, and anything distributed outside of this Website is for informational purposes only.  Any Content or Products contained within Granddaughter Creative LLC do not replace any advice from a legal, financial, business, or health professional. The information on this site is not intended as advice, nor is it intended to treat, diagnose, or prevent any disease or chronic condition. The information presented on this site is not intended to replace the care or advice of your physician or health care provider.  Information on this site is based on personal experience and is not an attempt to persuade or dissuade your own opinions. You understand that Granddaughter Creative is not a physician, practitioner, therapist, or medical professional and you are encouraged to maintain routine visits and regularly consult with your qualified medical provider regarding your health before you decide to practice, participate, or engage in any activities discussed within the Content of Granddaughter Creative LLC. Neither Granddaughter Creative LLC and nor its members assume any liability with regard to results upon use of information provided on this site. You understand that any suggestion or recommendation on or through Granddaughter Creative LLC is to be taken at your own risk, with no liability on our part, and you recognize that there is a rare chance that illness, injury or even death could result, and you assume all risks. 


Although information here is an attempt to be presented accurately, it may become outdated or may not be suitable for your specific circumstances.  Furthermore, Granddaughter Creative is not an expert in any of the topics discussed and it would be best for you to seek out professional guidance before making any lifestyle changes or financial decisions. 


We do our very best to protect and secure our Website, however we cannot guarantee that this Website will always run optimally and be free from the existence of viruses or other causes that could potentially affect users or use of the Website.  


We only have access to information given to us voluntarily through email or direct contact through the website, blog posts, comments.  If you subscribe to Granddaughter Creative LLC in order to receive free offerings and weekly content, we ask for a valid email address to communicate this information to you.  This personal information is used for administration and maintenance purposes only. 


Indemnification and Release of Claims

You hereby fully and completely hold harmless, indemnify and release me and any of my affiliates, partners, employees, team members, or anyone otherwise affiliated with Granddaughter Creative LLC, also known as Granddaughter Creative, or the owner of Granddaughter Creative LLC from any and all causes of action, allegations, suits, claims, damages, or demands whatsoever, in law or equity, that may arise in the past, present or future that is in any way related to my Website.  You agree that under no circumstance past, present, or future, that Granddaughter Creative LLC, its owner, and its members will be liable to any party for any damages, results, or claims based on the use of or reliance on this Website and its Content. 


The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the United States of America.  By visiting or using our Website, you have read the Terms and Conditions entirely and agree to be bound by them.


Granddaughter Creative LLC is protected by copyright laws. 

Copyright © 2024 Granddaughter Creative LLC.

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