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Be your own inspiration.

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For soulful humans &

Practice self-discovery, build confidence, develop clarity, enhance creativity, awaken possibility, align with your purpose, nurture yourself, inspire anew, sustain productivity, and enliven your morning routine.

You don't have to have an
elaborate morning routine
in order to be more creative, productive, or successful.

The morning routine can be simplified, curated to your needs, and made free of overwhelm. It doesn't have to be full of tasks, checklists, and to-dos for you to make an impact with the work you are meant to do in the world. When you start your day connected to the muse within, you can ease into your day with more joy, presence, focus, openness and alignment.


My name is Nicole

I'm a multimodal creative and business owner with a background in academia, leadership, and healing arts. 


My mission is to support creatives in cultivating a more intentional life so they can expand their capacity for experiencing the creative flow states that bring about new and novel ideas.


For me, the ambitious 4 AM wake up with the task riddled "power hour" was not my cup of tea.​ I needed something more intentional.

I then considered qualities that I appreciate in leaders today: 

  • a high level of self-awareness

  • a healthy level of confidence

  • an embodiment of personal power

This all circled back to the path of self-discovery.


Self-discovery can guide us back to what matters most. It can allow us to embody the muse within and master the morning so we can sustainably pursue our goals.


It is possible to experience mastery over your morning.

It starts by going inward, getting centered, and being your own inspiration. 

What you'll find in the guide:

part one

Find clarity in your intentions, goals and vision while considering clear actions rooted in your intentions. Define what qualities your Daybreak Muse embodies.

part two

Prepare by creating a space that supports your Daybreak Muse. Curate a wake up with positive influences and detail actions aligned with your intentions, goals and vision.

part three

Practice and experience embodying your Daybreak Muse. Use self-discovery and self-reflection to refine the morning routine with a sharp focus on your needs as a soulful human. 

Each page of the guide outlines concepts of The Daybreak Muse while also providing reflective prompts that can be used as you develop your own means to master your morning. It can also be helpful to keep a journal with you for note taking.


that can expand your morning routine potential.

2 Bonus Pages of Morning Routine Action Ideas

The 555 Daybreak Muse Challenge

Build Your Powerful 5 - An Affirmations Worksheet

Number 5 Significance in Astrology & Numerology

5 Vision Board Templates (Digital/Printable)

Image by Dominik Schröder

You'll Get Access To:

The Daybreak Muse Guide (PDF, digital format, printable)
All 5 Bonuses for Expanding Morning Routine Potential

Lifetime Access Once Downloaded

How long does it typically take to get through the material?

This 28 page guide can take as little as a day or as long as you need. This is a self-paced guide, blended with self-discovery prompts, reflections, and goal-focused, sustainable habit-building practices that can support you long term.

There is value in aligned & sustainable productivity vs. "hustle culture."

How it works:

1. Scroll down to complete your purchase.

2. You'll receive a link on the thank you page along with an emailed link that lasts for 30 days. Once downloaded, you have lifetime access to the guide and bonuses. 

3. When you receive the guide, review the material (perhaps accompanied by a journal for note taking) or print the guide if you choose.

4. Begin your Daybreak Muse journey!


The Daybreak Muse guide can be helpful if:

you crave an intentional morning routine tailored to your unique needs

you tend to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed with a morning routine

you may be
 lacking creativity, inspiration and/or confidence in your work

you want to revamp a stale morning routine

you are striving for sustainable productivity

Image by Matt Palmer

Begin The Daybreak Muse Journey

The Daybreak Muse        $37

discount      -$20


total        $17

(before applicable tax, all prices in USD)

Get a closer look at what's inside:

part one

  • Why is Where We Start

  • Hello & Welcome

  • The Light that Shines

  • 5 Points of Focus

  • Anatomy of The Daybreak Muse Morning Routine

part two

  • Preparation & Visualization

  • Consider the Core Experience 

  • Outline the Core Experience 

  • Curate the Wake Up Moment

  • Consider How You Embody Your Daybreak Muse

  • Transition Into Your Day

part three

  • Rehearsal

  • Experience

  • Your Timeline 

  • 5 Day Forecast

  • Reflect 


  • Bonus Morning Routine Ideas 

  • The 555 Daybreak Muse Challenge

  • Build Your Powerful 5 Affirmations 

  • Number 5 Significance in Astrology & Numerology

  • 5 Vision Board Templates


How soon can I access the guide?

Upon completing your purchase, the thank you page will direct you to download the digital file (PDF format). There is also an emailed link that is valid for 30 days. Once downloaded you have lifetime access.

How long do I have access to the file?

Upon downloading the file, you have lifetime access.

How long does it take to get through the material?

It can take as little as a day to as long as you need. This is a self-paced guide, blended with self-discovery and goal focused habit building practices.

What is your return / refund policy?

Due to the nature of this product being a digital product or downloadable PDF file, it is non-returnable / non-refundable. 

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

you can send an email to

Disclaimer: What is presented in this guide is what I, Nicole, the mind behind Granddaughter Creative LLC, have personally found to be helpful on my own path of self-discovery. It is purely informational and is not intended to replace your own inner wisdom or the guidance from any type of certified professional, legally, medically, or within other fields. Results, outcomes, and/or potentials referenced are not guaranteed. I encourage you to do your own research and make the lifestyle choices that you feel are right for you. You have the power of free will. Furthermore, in practices or philosophies such as numerology and astrology, you can choose to observe certain energies or archetypes, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that is your truth, rather, simply information offered to you. The information contained within this guide are few of many self-discovery tools that can allow you to grow on your path of self-development.

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