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Affirmations Card

Can be used as a bookmark or carried for reminders


"Affirmations" can be a practice of centering and building self worth. They can be healing words that remind us how strong and resilient we are in the face of challenges. 


Each card has a list of affirmations that can be verbally said or mentally acknowledged as needed.


*These cards are intended for entertainment purposes only*


Card is minimal light ivory back & front with black lettering 

Florals on the top & visuals for inspiration

Back has the Granddaughter Creative logo 

Printed with high quality pigmented inks

100 lbs premium cardstock

Rounded edges

Covered with transparent glossy vinyl

Handmade by a small business owner in Maine



3.55 inches. x 2.3 inches 

100 lbs cardstock thickness





About packaging and shipping: 

-To ensure eco-conscious packaging, the item is wrapped in acid-free / neutral PH glassine paper. This durable food grade paper can protect it from moisture in transit. 

-The item will be enclosed in a standard mailing envelope.

-If you purchase multiple items, a larger mailer or box may be used to ensure all other items are not scrunched up or crowded in packaging.

-Orders ship within 3-5 business days.


Copyright ©2023 Granddaughter Creative LLC. Artwork and products may not be reproduced or resold by any means. All Rights Reserved.

Affirmations Card

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