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Digital guidebooks, virtual workshops, and mini e-courses that can support you in:


Creative Clarity


Cultivate more openness, intention, and receptivity for your novel ideas to blossom, your vision to be sustained, and your creative power to vibrantly emerge.

Build a heart-centering self-discovery practice, understand your zodiac moon sign archetype and create more flow in your life through the lunar path.

We all have something to share

Each one of us carry a unique gift that can be expressed for our highest good.

If you are a soulful human seeking alignment with your gifts so you can create more flow and abundance in life, you won't want to miss the unique offerings from Granddaughter Creative.

rooted in soft leadership

Multimodal creative, business owner and spiritual growth mentor, Nicole, roots her teachings in soft leadership skills such as empathy, self-compassion, and collaboration. She also draws from her academic studies in leadership and her experience in healing arts.

Instead of leading you, the intention is to lead with you; to inspire you to hold your personal power as a leader yourself walking your path of creativity clarity or self-discovery. As you do, you can consider new possibilities, allow your gifts to emerge from the cocoon, and build confidence as they evolve, delivering abundance and growth to you in time.

A learning experience

Aligning with Granddaughter Creative's core values & philosophy to approach life with a willingness to learn, these new offerings are just that: an opportunity to learn.

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