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I'm Nicole

Independent Artist, Multimodal Creative
Small Business Owner

Creative Mentor


In addition to offerings self-discovery workshops,

I create earthy artwork and products that can support intuitive living, intentional rest, and healing. As a multi-modal creative person, I can also do creative collaborations and content creation.


It all started when I was a child.

My earliest memories are of my mother crafting and sewing, my grandmother cooking wholesome meals, and my grandfather weaving his baskets.


Coming from a lineage of makers, it became clear to me at a young age that our hands are an extension of the heart and the greatest gift we are ever given.

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Education & Experience

May 2021
Master's Degree in Leadership
Thesis: Authentic Leadership and Creative Performance

May 2021
Small Business Journey Began
Workshops, Creative Projects
Healing Retreats

Granddaughter Creative LLC

Earthy Artwork & Soulful Teachings
Art and Reproductions
Self-Discovery Workshops
Content Creation

In 2019 I began a pursuit in higher education, stepping away from the full time corporate environment to explore a new path. I graduated within the top 5% of my class and was fortunate to do research on how authentic leadership affects creative performance in modern day entrepreneurship.

Following graduation, I started a creative business as an outlet for continuous learning and growth. For me, creativity came from a place of self-discovery and deeper connection. I began offering self-discovery workshops rooted in my background of leadership, yoga instruction, and spiritual development.

Granddaughter Creative has evolved with the intention of supporting the process of self-discovery and creative expansion through soulful teachings and earthy creations for intuitive living, intentional rest, and healing. You'll notice that much of the artwork carries with it deeper meaning or evokes a sense of familiarity; of nostalgia. Everything I do at Granddaughter Creative, from art to product development to workshops and writing content is an extension of my heart through my hands.

Follow me on Instagram @granddaughtercreative

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