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Falling in Love with Fall: The Seasonal Teachings of Slowing Down

Summer has faded into new colors, new air, and fall ambience. Leaves are falling and we shift our closet spaces from sandals to scarves. We are invited to let go, slow down, and surrender before the long pause of winter. It is fall in Maine and the seasonal shift can be a different experience for some than others. For many of us, we love autumn and all of the happenings that come with it. For others, we can retreat and go inward. This reflection can be a natural part of our larger rhythm. As cliche as it seems, the trees are showing us how to let go. Here are some gentle practices that can help us lean into the season of slowing down.

Letting go

The leaves have served their purpose for this cycle. As the trees prepare for winter, they let go of what they no longer need. We can set intentions around letting go and releasing what we may no longer need; what may be weighing us down. Slowing down The slowing down of fall can feel like the flow of the outbreath. In breathwork, when the exhale is extended and slowed, it can bring a sense of calm over the body and mind. This slowing down can allow us to recenter and reconnect with a sense of peace in our lives.

New experiences

Some of us (like myself) may not be a pumpkin spice latte kind of person, but there are still many treats and activities to bring joy this time of year. Tapping into joy can also require exploration. Perhaps there are new experiences out there waiting for us that can deliver positive emotions.

Self care The warmth of summer may feel distant, but self-care practices can be integrated into a daily routine. Sweaters, warm baths, a warm beverage, blankets, candles, sitting by the fire, and being in good company are just a few ways that we can prioritize ourselves during this time.

The bigger picture Remembering fall for what it is: a change. It is a temporary, fleeting period of time between a peak and a pause. We can often go through seasons of change in our own lives where we shed what we no longer need to pause, regenerate, and create something new. Fall reminds us that we can allow ourselves to surrender to the bigger picture.

As a person who has not loved fall, tried to love fall, and learned to love fall through many practices, I have personally found additional ways to move through this season such as having a support system, being part of community, and checking in often with myself and my practitioners, doctors, and healers for additional support as needed. Falling in love with fall was not what I expected, but allowing myself to go slow was something I can absolutely do (especially after launching the fall collection.)

Wishing you many blessings this fall season.

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