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How to Get Re-inspired to Create

Here are 9 impactful ways that can support you in the creative process when inspiration feels too far away or internal/external distractions arise.

Reminder: you can decide wisely how these tools may offer you support. Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.

  1. releasing guilt As creatives, we can accept that it is totally O.K. to have taken time off or take time for ourselves or any other reason that may build up the feeling of guilt. Try not to carry the guilt or the negative self talk into the work. Be compassionate with yourself so that you can protect your precious creative energy.

  2. remember why you started That initial motivation, excitement, and freedom that you felt to make the decision to begin is worth a revisit. Looking back can often bring up both positive and difficult feelings. Remember how far you've come and shine light on your progress, instead of shortcomings.

  3. use your senses Get in touch with your sense: hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, tasting, sensing. You can also meditate to practice the act of being receptive; to receiving. I personally, use lemon ice water to energize as it uplifts all of the senses.

  4. write out some keywords Writing down keywords about the project, the title, or the work can help you refine the overall purpose, thus gaining some clarity. You can use search engines such as Google or Pinterest for personal inspiration. I personally find that building a Pinterest board of ideas is helpful for visualizing each project that I take on.

  5. start an art journal or a writing journal keeping your thoughts in one journal, whether in word or art format can be a reference guide to return to when you are feeling out of creative juices. I keep my Granddaughter Creative handmade journal with me at all times and it captures thoughts, ideas, words, sketches, lists, and so much more that would otherwise escape my attention and be lost by the time I sat down in the studio to work.

  6. draft a playlist One of the most productive and simple ways to find an entry point into the creative process is music. You can create a special atmospheric playlist to listen to as you enter into the mindset of work and creativity. The process of searching out music also relates to divergent thinking, which can boost the brain activity and bring a sense of playfulness to the work.

  7. accountability When just starting out, or even during a creative drought, working with a coach or mentor can be incredibly beneficial. You can find someone close to or someone who is in the coaching field who may be open to talking about your work. They can act as an accountability partner or just someone to root you on in your accomplishments.

  8. set up the environment There's that old saying that "being prepared is half of the battle" right? When you set up your space for success, it can bring you more success. Keeping your creative tools ready, technology charged, and notebook close by can also enhance efficiency and reduce the chance of losing novel ideas.

  9. do some research Intellectual stimulation can go a long way. It can also help make new connections with the existing work that you are doing. For example, in starting my blog, I prepared by researching what topics my audience may want to hear about.

A friendly reminder that you can take what resonates and leave what does not. Here at Granddaughter Creative, we value self-expression, intentional living, healing, and creative performance. You can explore other offerings, products, and resources on these topics on our website.


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