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7 Ways Intentional Rest Can Support Healing & Creativity

Slowing down, doing less, and practicing intentional rest has been a popular topic in the world of productivity, entrepreneurship, and business ownership over the last half of a decade. We have seen the concept of “productivity” evolve from being measured by an extensive amount of time put into work to now being able to work efficiently and sustainably. In today’s world, taking time to rest is considered productive. And being highly productive is what every creative person, entrepreneur, and business owner strives for.

I (Nicole, the owner and artist behind Granddaughter Creative) personally practice intentional rest because it can support nervous system regulation, emotional regulation, sustained energy, mental focus, creative performance and so much more. My forms of intentional rest: nourishing food


yoga nidra

drinking MUD/WTR painting sketching walks in nature healing sessions

snuggling my cats artist date (creative exploration) discovering new music


Some of these are focused more on the heart space and the head space, but some are also focused on the body which often demands the most rest. By choosing to bring the body along with us on this creative journey, we can produce our most meaningful and impactful work. When we rest intentionally, we can also find an entry point into healing and so much more:

It can allow one to be more receptive. Moving through the sequence of gentle flow and Yoga Nidra, there is an experience of ebbing, or inwardness. This can create an opportunity to develop one's intuition and allow information or ideas to come through instead of forced out.

It can give access to certain brain wave patterns that can support focus. Creative flow (a term coined by the father of creative flow, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi) can be more easily accessed following forms of intentional rest such as yoga and/or Yoga Nidra.

It can build confidence and trust in oneself. Through a steady practice, the heart space can open and the connection to self can be strengthened.

It can bridge the conscious and subconscious world, opening up the imagination to new depths. Novel ideas may be waiting just under the surface.

It can support one's ability to experience pleasure and play. By tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system response, it can lead to more explorative states of being.

It is said to awaken the whole brain, unlocking imagination but also enhancing the ability to take actionable steps towards a goal.

It can support healing and emotional processing. Working towards a big dream often brings up many internal distractions, including emotions that can demand untangling.

The beauty of intentional rest is that there are so many ways to practice it. Each person has their own form of rest and their own version of productivity. Allow yourself to find and experience your own practice of intentional rest.

Thanks for reading. Many blessings to you.

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