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Stay young and be playful.

Approach life with curiosity, willingness to learn and a beginners mindset.


The hands are an extension of the heart.

Live in appreciation for those who have taught us how to love and to nurture.


Intentional rest is productive.

Support the cultivation of a deeper why and connection to self through intentional rest, intuitive living, and healing.

our philosophy


The word "granddaughter" carries the concept of youth, having a playful spirit, and how we are nurtured.

It also gives us an opportunity to remember those before us, our lineage, and the wisdom that is passed down.



earthy artwork with a playful spirit

The forestcore / cottagecore aesthetic has been artistically woven into Granddaughter Creative's brand, products, and art. Blending watercolor, ink, and pastel, the artist creates an earthy and playful presentation in her work.

Textured paper and muted tones are a trend of the times; one that Granddaughter Creative is immersed in. The artist intentionally imbues her wild heart into her work, making it spirited and playful.

This whimsical, earthy artistic style has awed and inspired many passer by's at pop up events and audiences online. 


Welcome to Granddaughter Creative

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